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Folk Singing Period Preacher 

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WAM Award Best Folk Act 2016

Youth Workshops

Meeting your menstrual cycle for the first time can be hard.  

Teenage years can be rough. Learning first-hand how to navigate your own hormonal changes as they arrive is frustrating. One day you’re full of estrogen and on the up, then next your progesterone is plummeting and you’re crashing. It’s a prickly time for everyone involved, but understanding yourself better can make growing up a little bit easier. And that’s where Period Power comes in.


It’s about understanding each individual cycle and empowering young girls to see themselves, and each other, as whole people. Teaching girls to feel validated and powerful allows them to take control of each stage as it comes, rather than loathing this unique part of themselves. To understand your cycle, is to understand your gifts. 

Youth Workshops:


Youth workshops are an educational, empowering and immersive experience. They involve a presentation and interactive stage, and can be tailored to your school, club, camp or community group.


  • A free phone consult to discuss how the course can best work for your group    

  • 1-hour workshop for your male students (if applicable)

  • 3-hour workshop for your female students

  • 3-month plan tailored to your school or youth organisation

  • The opportunity for further on-going workshops and plans

Mother Daughter Workshops:

As your daughter transitions from girl to woman, she needs support and so do you. Honour this process by helping her to understand the emotional landscape of her cycle and how she can use it for good. Help her learn to help herself.

Talking about your period can be awkward, especially in large groups. But if you’re keenly interested in learning about harnessing Period Power and how to best apply cycle-centric thinking, scaled down, one-on-one Mother Daughter workshops are available.

Get in touch to learn about tailored sessions for your school, workplace or group. Give the gift of period power! 

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