Introducing Period Queen, the podcast with period preacher, musician and author, Lucy Peach.


Period Queen: The Podcast


Did you know your body is bloody amazing? It’s time to stop treating periods like nature's consolation prize for being a woman and banish the notion that hormones reduce us to being random emotional rollercoasters.


Join period preacher, author and musician Lucy Peach, with special guests Clementine Ford, Constance Hall, Mama Kin and Claire Baker, as she shows you how to become an expert in recognising what you need at different times of the month, and that every cycle gives you a chance to cultivate the most important relationship of your life: the one with your precious self. 

A companion to Lucy's book, Period Queen, and EP, Blood Magic, Period Queen the podcast is the ultimate blend of conversation and music to get you pumped for the month ahead.  



After menstruation, your body wastes no time in preparing you for ovulation. With oestrogen rising, this phase brings the fierce power to DO! This is the time to step up and out and make things happen. Who’s the boss? You are! With special guest Mama Kin. 


EPISODE 1 Your Blood is Amazing

In this episode find out why your menstrual cycle is so much more than managing a period and how the emotional changes throughout the month are actually four superpowers. 



Coming soon



With your hormones at their lowest, this phase brings the gentle power to dream. There is strength in your softness and with enough self care and slowness a good dream phase will be the bedrock for your whole month ahead. With special guest Constance Hall.



Coming soon 


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