Online Course Launching June 2021

Life Hack your Period,

with Lucy Peach

The biggest period problem of all is that we don’t teach people about the power that comes with a cycle. Have you ever felt too much? Or not enough? Like you are nailing life one minute and then feeling as though the rug has been pulled from beneath you? 


The truth is that you have different strengths at different times of the month. Once you learn about your menstrual phases you can plan for them, predict them and use them over and over again. Its called a cycle for a reason. 

This 6-week course will take you through your menstrual cycle in a completely new way. 

You will learn about your four hormonal phases, with a time to DREAM, DO, GIVE and TAKE.

Learn how to harness the hormonal phases within each menstrual cycle to enhance your physical performance, relationships and well-being. Discover the edge you already have and own your power all month long.

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