Lucy Peach

Folk Singing Period Preacher 

TEDx Speaker

WAM Award Best Folk Act 2016

Corporate Workshops

Understanding your body is the ultimate time-management tool.

We all want the best from our work. We all want an environment where we feel supported enough to thrive and grow all of the time, not just sometimes. Imagine a workplace with no off-days, mid-day crashes or crossed-wires. When you create a more cycle-centric workplace, you’re creating a space where every employee feels like a whole person and can bring all of themselves to the table. 



Elite athletes and coaches use period tracking to train around symptoms and perform at their best. Team USA’s win at the women's soccer World Cup has proven the power of cycle-centric thinking. Now, we’re not all training for the World Cup but it can’t hurt to have an edge on your competition. Cycle-centric thinking helps us get the most out of our daily performance, and more often, whilst minimising burn out. 


Our corporate workshop is a unique management tool that can be tailored to your individual business needs. It’s an educational, immersive and interactive experience that equips and empower your staff to get the best out of themselves and bring their strongest, whole selves to every project. 



  • A free initial site visit to assess your organisation and how the course can best work for you    

  • 1-hour workshop for your male staff 

  • 3-hour workshop for your female staff 

  • A 3-month plan tailored to
    your organisation

  • The opportunity for further on-going workshops and plans 


Get in touch to learn about tailored sessions for your school, workplace or group. Give the gift of period power! 

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