Blood Magic: The EP


Blood Magic is the soundtrack for your cycle. It begins with ‘Your Blood is Amazing’ - an anthem to celebrate period power, and the four songs that follow, cycle in a perfect circle - just like you. 

Infused with whispers of love and mantras for power, it sings you through every phase. From your tender beginning at menstruation, ‘Feel It’ holds you, and then the song cycle lifts just as you do, during pre-ovulation with ‘She Who Dares.’


Resplendent at the peak of ovulation you are gifted with ‘Everything.’ Finally, you prepare to let go again with ‘Kali’s Coming’ as you return to what matters the most. 
Your blood is amazing, your body divine, you can start again every time. 

The first single, Your Blood is Amazing, is streaming now on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music:


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