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Learn to go with your flow. 

You’ll spend a lot of your life thinking about your period. Anyone who menstruates will experience around 450 periods in their lifetime. So, rather than dreading it, what if you could understand how your body works in the different stages of your cycle and get the most out of it? 

Welcome to Period Power. 

Think of it as cycle-centric thinking, or life-hacking your period. At its core, it’s a philosophy about understanding your body, and yourself, as a whole so you can work with your period, not around your period.   

A Quick Breakdown:

It’s called a cycle for a reason. 

Just like the seasons, your period moves through different stages. Learning about, and harnessing, your period power will help you understand how these individual stages work, and make the most of them when they arrive. In short, your period works a little like this:    

Dream stage: At the beginning of the cycle, your hormones flatline. So naturally, this is the best time to rest and restore. Nurture yourself but use this phase for deep reflection and to check in. Ask yourself, what is most important to you? How do you want this month ahead to look? 

Do stage: Here your estrogen and testosterone levels rise. This is your power week and the best time in your cycle to ‘do’. Get up early, get on top of all your projects and put plans into place around your goals for this month. 

Give stage: After your estrogen peaks; progesterone rises which makes you feel more loving and giving. This is the stage where you’re at your most communicative, collaborative and cooperative. Whatever you’ve been striving for - now it’s time to connect the dots and reach out to others so you can support each other.

Take stage: In this final stage your hormones begin to plummet before you enter your Dream stage again. Try not to wear yourself too thin in your Give stage, or you’ll be left on empty here. To avoid frustration, use this time to enjoy a personal hobby or pursuit, anything that makes you feel like you. The benefits of clarity now are great for refining, editing and speaking your mind. 

Everyone who menstruates will experience life through these four stages, and each one is valuable. So rather than pushing through life with coffee and pain killers, learn how to plan with your cycle and make things that little bit more comfortable.       

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