Lucy Peach

"You or people you know will have up to 450 menstrual cycles in a lifetime. Let’s harness every single one of them".


Welcome to Your Greatest Period Ever.

How period pride transforms: THE WORLD

It’s time for a new talk.

If you were lucky, you learnt about how to manage periods. As though they were a problem needing to be fixed. And sometimes they are. The menstrual cycle isn’t without its challenges. Shame, pain, gender issues, lack of choice and access to period products can all affect someone’s wellbeing and quality of life. But the biggest period problem of all facing the world today?


We don’t teach people about the power that comes with a cycle.


By understanding the power of the menstrual cycle, we will shift an entire culture from one of shame, to one of pride and empowerment.

Corporate Women

Creating a more cycle-centric workspace allows for greater understanding of your employees and their innate human needs and, in return, each of them are empowered to reach their full potential in the workplace.  


Understanding ourselves a little better can make growing up a little bit easier. It can be hard to keep up with things when your emotions feel like a battlefield. But Period Power can help you understand and navigate these turbulent times. 

“Once a woman harnesses those four phases, the results can be life-changing.” – Sydney Morning Herald 

 “Entertainer Lucy Peach is on a mission to change the conversation and turn women's periods into their greatest "superpower".” – ABC News

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